Unit 11: Simple Machines Objectives

Student Must Know…
Key Word
  • What the six simple machines are: lever, pulley, incline plane, wheel & axel, wedge, screw
  • Where the fulcrum is on a lever
  • What the fulcrum does
  • What the three classes of levers are: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    • What are the differences between the three classes of levers
    • What is the mechanical advantage of all 3 classes of levers

- simple machines
- lever
- pulley
- incline plane
-wheel & axel
- fulcrum
- mechanical advantage
- class of lever
Students Must be able to do…

  • Calculate work
  • Identify the different types of simple machines
  • Explain how each of the six simple machines work
  • Calculate the mechanical advantage of a lever through experimentation
  • Identify the fulcrum
  • Identify the class of lever through observation
  • Predict which lever will have the larger mechanical advantage
  • Compare and contrast the mechanical advantage of all three classes of levers