Unit 05 Reactions

Unit 5: Reactions Objectives


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Reaction Types and Balancing
  • Identify Types and Balance Reactions WS Click
  • Identify Types and Balance Reactions WS 2 Click
  • Identify Types and Balance Reactions WS 3 Click
  • Balancing Chemical Reactions WS 1 Click
  • Balancing Chemical Reactions WS 2 Click
  • Balancing Chemical Reactions (Extra Practice) Click
  • Determining the Molar Mass
    • Finding Molar Mass Classwork Click
    • Moles to Grams and Back WS Click

  • Molar Mass and Molar Ratios
    • Introduction to Molar Rations WS Click
    • Molar Ration Practice WS Click
    • Balancing & Molar Ratios WS Click
    • Molar Ratios (Extra Practice) Click

Student Must Know…
Key Terms...
Writing a reaction / Structure of a Reaction
  • Compounds are chemically bonded atoms, whereas mixtures are physically combined atoms.
  • The physical states of the reactants and products and the correct state symbols
  • Subscripts cannot be changed to balance an equation

Reaction Types
  • The general form of the 5 types of reactions
    • Combination / Synthesis
    • Decomposition
    • Single Displacement
    • Double Displacement
    • Combustion
  • Exothermic reactions give off energy, endothermic reactions absorb energy

Cool Decomposition

Precipitate Formation

Law of Conservation of Mass
  • The total mass of the reactants equals the total mass of the products
  • Reactions must be balanced because mass must be conserved
  • To balance a reaction you change the coefficients

Molar Ratios / Stoich
  • Molar Mass is determined by adding the molecular weights of each atom in a compound
  • Molar ratio is determined by the coefficients of the balanced chemical reaction

-chemical change
-balanced equation
-chemical formula
-chemical reaction
-single replacement
-double replacement
-combination / synthesis
-conservation of mass
-chemical equations
-state symbol
Students Must be able to do…
  • Identify the parts of reaction
  • Identify Reaction Types
  • Balance Chemical Reactions
  • Determine the molar mass of a compound
  • Determine the molar ratios of a chemical reaction
  • Convert grams of a reactant to moles of a product